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SCAA 2012   Certified Fair Trade


Coffee beans contain more than 1000 naturally occurring substances called phytochemicals, which may help prevent disease. Many of these phytochemicals are antioxidants which protect the cells from damage from free radicals.


Welcome to Wise Coffee, offering 100% environmentally sourced, sustainably produced, micro-roasted, single origin, specialty coffee with exceptional taste and aroma - delivered directly to our restaurant clients in the Los Angeles area!

We have been roasting coffee for over a decade, carefully crafting each new batch of green beans to reach its peak taste, character, aroma, and aftertaste. At Wise Coffee, we don't roast in large batches. Orders are micro-roasted to always ensure the highest possible reshness and quality when reaching you.

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Everything we do is 100% Environmentally Sustainable.

Even our coffee bean bags are made from 40% recycled and 25% PCW (Post-Consumer Waste) brown paper. The lining of the bags is PLA (Polylactic Acid), a thermoplastic derived from renewable resources, such as corn starch. We even use stamps to mark our bags rather than toxic labels. That means that when you're done drinking our amazing coffee, you can just throw the bag into the compost or recycle bin!

Wise Coffee sources ONLY environmentally sustainable and fair trade certified coffee beans. In fact, all of our products, supplies and business practices are environmentally sustainable and responsible wherever possible, including our coffee bags, packaging, printing, coffee supplies, etc.


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